Some Cool Things You Can Do With

 Now You're Cooking!

"a versatile cyberkitchen companion for Windows"


List applies to NYC v5.91+


To do this:


Create automated randomized menus

  • Menu… Automated...

One-click download & import of thousands of recipes

  • File… Quick Web Recipes (easy)

Easy Screen Import for unformatted recipes

  • Recipes… Screen Import…

Find recipes that use only ingredients on hand

  • See this NYC User Tip

Automatically categorize your recipes

  • Recipes… Categorize Multiple Recipes… Auto-Assign frame… press Go

Find and delete empty categories

  • Recipes… Cookbook Categories… Find Empty button… Select All… press Delete then Save

Merge and delete categories across cookbooks

  • Tools… Data Management… Categories tab… Manage Categories button

Export from search across cookbooks

  • See this NYC User Tip

Find and replace text across cookbooks

  • Tools… Data Management… Cookbooks… Text to Replace button, Find and Replace button

Analyze nutrition of any recipe

  • Recipes… Recipes… (select a recipe), select Nutrition… Analyze…

Add a recipe as a nutrition database item

  • Analyze a recipe’s nutrition, then press the Add to Nutrition Database button on the nutrition analysis window.

Email recipes

  • Recipes… Recipes… (select recipes), press Email/Edit toolbar button

Email cookbooks

  • File… Email Cookbook(s)… (select cookbooks)… press Send As Email button

Publish your cookbooks to Microsoft Word

  • File… Publish Cookbook…, select a template (*.dot), press Publish button

Create a recipe website

  • File… Export Recipes… “website (html)”, check “by category”
  • press Customize button, customize the recipe web page, press Preview As Web Page
  • press Export button, select Yes to remove existing files, press Open
  • select Recipes, press < to put them in export queue, press Export button

Backup all your user files

  • File… Backup…, edit backup file name, press Back Up


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Last Updated: 02/23/2015

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