Now You're Cooking! Screenshots

Applies to NYC 5.66+




Nutrition Analysis

main screen


recipe nutrition analysis

viewing the Help file


editing the nutrition database

using the cooking glossary



setting user preferences


Meal Planning



creating a meal plan

Recipe Management



recipe search across cookbooks


Shopping Tools

viewing a recipe (fullview mode)


viewing the shopping list by aisle

modifying a recipe (editview mode)


shopping list cost comparison

using the spell checker


editing coupon database

viewing a recipe image


editing store aisle information

rating a recipe



analyzing recipe ratings



listing recipes in multiple categories


printing reports

auto-categorize recipes


printing recipes

customizing the auto-categorizing feature



removing duplicate recipes across cookbooks


Recipe Import/Export



screen import (any recipe text format)



importing Meal-Master (tm) recipes



export to website (html format)


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Last Updated:  12/7/2013

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