User Support for Now You're Cooking!

User support is provided to unregistered as well as registered users, although registered users are given priority assistance. If you have questions regarding setup or operation of any version of Now You're Cooking!, or if you wish to provide suggestions for future versions, please use the following resources:


Food-for-Thought Software



FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions about NYC (searchable)

NYC Tips   Nifty tips for NYC users (searchable)

Quick Start Tutorials  Step-by-step tutorials for common NYC tasks



Technical support - setup, usage, features, bug reports

 Sales support - registration codes, order status
[please include previous correspondence in replies]


NYC-MM email group  discuss NYC with other users

NYC_Updates email group  get notification of NYC software updates



(865) 599-6061


(865) 313-2976

In your request for tech support, please include as much of this information as possible:


We believe strongly in bug-free code so please let us know if you think you have found one. We also enjoy suggestions for new features, big or small, that you think could help Now You're Cooking! become a better software product. 

Sending Files to Us

In your support request, you may need to send us a cookbook, screenshot, or other file related to your problem. 


Do this by attaching it to an email, or by uploading it here .


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Last Updated:  01/12/2018

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