March 2001

Export Recipes From Search Across Cookbooks

The best way to search and export recipes from the search is to do the search from the recipe export window, then apply selections from the search list to the export queue.  Here are the steps:

1.  Select File... Export Recipes... .

2.  Select target file type for the export (NYC cookbook, MM format, etc).
3.  Select target filename for the export.

4.  Do a search across cookbooks: 

Press the Search… button on the export window.

Select the “all cookbooks” radio button on the search window.

Enter your keywords in the textbox on the search window.

5.  Press Search on the search window.
6.  Select recipes in the search results window that you want to export.
7.  Press the Apply button on the search results window to add the selected recipes to the export queue.
8.  Press the Export button on the export recipes window.  


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