November 2001

What Can I Make With Ingredients On Hand?

To find recipes that use ingredients in your pantry:


  1. Create a text file called “pantry.txt” in your NYC \user folder that contains the ingredients in your pantry (one ingredient per line in the file).
  2. Run NYC and open the recipe selection window (Recipes… Recipes…).
  3. Above the recipe selection list, make sure the “All Recipes” radio button is selected, then press the Search... button. 
  4. In the search keyword window, select “across cookbooks” to widen the search to all recipes in all cookbooks.  Select "only", then press the “…” button to the right of the textbox and select your “pantry.txt” file in the file dialog.  The “ingredients” box should now be the only one checked in the frame to the right of the keywords textbox.
  5. Press the Search button. 


You should now have a search results list with recipes wherein each recipe ingredient contains a keyword from your pantry.text file.  This operation works best if your cookbook has many recipes and your pantry.txt file has lots of ingredients.


To widen the search, do the search using "any of" rather than "only", tag the results, and then do a Search on the tagged list for certain combinations of ingredients.

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