April 2006 (revised Oct 2009)


Tips for the NYC User Folder

Recommended Location for NYC Cookbooks

Although you can keep your NYC cookbooks in any folder you want, NYC was designed to have all user files directly under the user folder path (i.e., not in subfolders).  There are lots of advantages to keeping all your user files directly under the user folder.  Only files directly under the user folder will be upgraded (during File… Upgrade…) or backed up (during File… Backup…), so it is highly recommended that you keep your files directly under the user folder. 

Distinction Between User Folder and Startup Folder

It is important to note that the NYC startup folder changes with the “last opened cookbook” by default.  If the open cookbook resides outside the user folder, and you perform a search “across cookbooks”, the search only includes cookbooks in the same folder as the open cookbook, wherever that may be.  Searches “across cookbooks” will yield different results depending on what folder is being searched.  Also, if you startup NYC with a cookbook in a different folder than the user folder, you may be surprised that the open cookbook does not get backed up when you do a File… Backup…  The only folder that gets backed up is the user folder, and your open cookbook will not be getting backed as you might want to believe because it is not in the user folder. 

To avoid confusion in all the preceding operations, it is very wise to keep all cookbooks directly under the user folder. 

Moving the User Folder

The default location for the user folder is \user under your NYC folder (usually c:\Program Files\Nyc5xx in XP, or c:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Roaming\FFTS\Nyc5xx or c:\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx in Vista), but it is quite easy to move it elsewhere.  You can move the user folder to a new location on the same disk quite easily, but you must do it from with NYC using Tools… Options… User Folder tab…  (just type the new folder location).  If you want to move the user folder to another disk, it is a little more trouble.  For details, see Moving Your User Folder to a Different Location .  You may also be interested in Upgrading NYC with a Moved User Folder.


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