January 2004


Moving Your User Folder to a Different Location (revised Nov 2008)



With NYC v5.63 and higher, your NYC user folder no longer need be located under your NYC folder.  It is easy now to move your user folder to any location on the same hard drive using NYC Tools… Options….  With a little more effort, you can even move it to another hard drive.


Moving the User Folder to New Location on the Same Drive or on a Different Drive:


1.      Select Tools… Options… User Folder tab.

2.      Type the full path to a new folder to become your user folder (e.g., C:\My Documents\NYC). 

3.      Press the Save button.


Note that the user folder that you are moving to must not already exist.  It must be a new folder that NYC will create.  Also, NYC can only create a new folder under an existing folder or under the drive root (e.g., C:\).  In other words, NYC cannot create a new folder under a new folder.


We recommend that all user files, including cookbooks, reside in your user folder so that all your cookbooks are included in the following operations:

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