April 2005


Upgrading NYC With A Moved User Folder - (NYC Tip updated 5/8/17)


Some users like to keep all their data on a separate drive or in a folder of their own choosing.  The best way to accomplish this is to keep all your NYC user data in the official NYC user folder, and use NYC’s Tools… Options… User Folder… to “move” the user folder to another location or another drive as desired.


When you later install a new version of NYC, you will need to follow these steps to get your user files upgraded and into the new version’s official user folder:


Let’s pretend that you want to upgrade from NYC 5.93 to NYC 5.95:


1.      Install NYC 5.95 in the default folders.

2.      Then run NYC 5.95 and use File… Upgrade… to bring over/upgrade user files from 5.93.  For this, use Browse… on the Upgrade window to point to your “c:\Program Files (x86)\FFTS\Nyc593” folder.  NYC 5.95 will then be able to find your official 5.93 user folder (“c:\NYCfiles” or whatever, depending on what you named NYC 5.93’s moved user folder) and do the upgrade.  The upgraded files will go into the default (installed) NYC 5.95 user folder, which is “c:\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc595\user”. 

3.      Then run NYC 5.95 and use Tools… Options… User Folder to move the folder to your other drive or location as desired.  In this last step you will need to provide a new folder name (e.g., “c:\NYCfilesnew”, or delete the previous folder you had and then use the same name as you had.  NYC will not let you use an existing folder as the target for the user folder move.

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