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What comes with the download versions versus the CD version?   Does the download version include:  1) recipes (if so, how many); 2) manual;  3) all features of the newest version?


NYC 5.92 and later:

The download version and CD versions are identical.  They include a Help file, but neither includes the manual.  Both versions include:

·         90-recipe EXAMPLE cookbook

·         3000-recipe RCP3000 cookbook

·         11,000 Meal-Master formatted recipes for import

·         Access to 300,000+ internet recipes that you can download and import in one operation using File… Quick Web Recipes (easy)…

·         All 14 language dictionaries for spell checker


The manual is only sold only in hard copy along with the registration option for “reg. code, manual, CD”.  The manual is not available anywhere for download.  It includes everything in the Help file, plus tips and tricks for using NYC.


NYC 5.91 and earlier:

The download version includes only a 90-recipe cookbook.  The CD version includes a 3000-recipe cookbook plus 11,000 Meal-Master format recipes that you can import into NYC, and the 14-language spell check dictionaries.  All the recipes on the CD can, however, be easily downloaded from our website and imported into NYC.  In fact, our website has about 300,000+ recipes that you can download and import in one operation.


The CD version (13.8MB) always includes the 14-language spell-checker, while the small download version (5.8MB) includes only 3 English spell-check dictionaries, but you can download the international version with 14-language dictionaries if you want (8.6MB).  See the two download versions on .


The manual is only sold only in hard copy along with the registration option for “reg. code, manual, CD”.  The manual is not available anywhere for download.  However, all NYC versions include NYC Help which describes all the features and how to use them.  The manual provides more tips and tricks than the Help, but the Help covers all features.


As far as the NYC program and features go, the CD version is the identical to the download versions.  All will shut down after 60 days usage unless a valid registration code is entered into the program.


Does NYC have any capability to convert recipes into a form that is acceptable for cookbook publishing?


NYC has some, but it is meager compared to what you can do with a word-processor.  We suggest you do this:


1)      Organize your recipes using NYC to categorize, do nutrition analysis, etc. (whatever you want in your book);

2)      Export the final recipes to a text file WITH NO LINE BREAKS (see options in File... Export Recipes...);

3)      Use a professional word processor like Word to format and publish to your heart's content.


In all honesty, no recipe software that you purchase for $30 will ever match the publishing capability of a professional word processor like Word.


I heard Sierra will no longer be supporting Mastercook.  I am considering switching to NYC.   It looks like NYC does everything that Mastercook did.  Does NYC do anything that Mastercook does not do?


Yes, here are a few key features of NYC that, to the best of our knowledge, MC does not have:

  1. automated categorization of recipes based on user keywords.
  2. power tasks across cookbooks, including recipe searches, meal planning, recipe printing, import/export, find and replace, and duplicate checking.
  3. robust import/export in various formats, including Screen Import for recipes in any format.
  4. Quick Web Recipes feature (automated web download and import).
  5. Export-to-Web feature (automated recipe website creation).
  6. user-defined multi-criteria, multi-rater recipe rating.
  7. shopping list cost across stores.
  8. compatibility with Windows XP/2000/Me/98/95/NT4.
  9. registration option for free upgrades (so you pay once, not again and again as new versions are released.


NYC will import MC’s .mxp text export format (and the .mx2 format, but .mxp is preferable), so use export your MC recipes to the .mxp format for transfer to NYC.


What are the limits on number of recipes per cookbook, ingredients per recipe, categories per cookbook, etc. in NYC ?

Here are all the NYC program limits.

Will NYC convert recipes from other formats into NYC format?

Yes.  NYC can convert Meal-MasterTM v7.x or v8.x recipes and Mastercook 3.x recipes into NYC format. NYC also flags any recipes that did not convert and the reason why, without disrupting the successful conversion of other recipes.  NYC achieves over 99% success rate in MM format conversion.   If you have recipes in a text file in no particular format, you can touch up them up into NYC generic text format and import that way.  See “generic.txt” in your NYC \user folder for examples of this simple format.

Will NYC scale a recipe to increase the quantities for more people?

Yes, NYC can scale a recipe (or a meal plan) by any multiplier that you specify or by number of servings if a number of servings has been input for the recipe (see the Scale... button in the recipe edit window).  With this button you can scale any recipe, even those for which no number of servings has been specified.

What's on the development horizon for NYC?

As with previous versions, you can expect a continuing effort toward more cooking time savers as we make computers assume a greater part of the tedium of everyday life. And we will continue to provide a cooking interface with NYC's trademark clarity in a product with high features/cost ratio (i.e., value).  We will of course continue to strive for unparalleled technical support.

We take pride in the evolution of this software according to the needs of our users. Your suggestions for improvement are ever welcome. NYC version 5 incorporates the efforts of over 300 beta testers.  It also includes the suggestions of users who continue to apply this software in amazing new ways.

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