September-December 2015


Keeping Cookbooks the Same Across Several Computers


Some users have NYC on three computers and they create recipes on all three computers.  Here are some ideas on how to keep the cookbooks the same (i.e., synchronized) on each computer:
If your 3 computers are networked
Designate the NYC user folder on one of them as the “official” repository.  This designation is made in your mind – you don’t need to do anything special.  Note that NYC already stores the user folder in the Public folder, which is already shared to other computers on the network.  So just make sure your other computers have read and write access to that official drive and user folder.  Then on your non-official computers, map the official drive, and then run NYC and use File… Open Cookbooks… to browse to the mapped drive, and open an official cookbook there.  Then you can make changes from any of the 3 computers to the official cookbooks in the official folder.  Note that for this to work, the official computer needs to be on and awake while other computers access it.  NOTE:  Multiple people should not make changes to the same cookbook on the various computers at the same time.

An even better approach is to use an external drive that is accessible via read/write access to all 3 computers, and keep your NYC user files on the external drive.  Then you don't need to provide write access between your computer hard drives.
If the computers are not networked
If all 3 computers are on the internet, set up a cloud-based Google Drive that is accessible from any computer.  After you set up the Google Drive, move your official user folder to the Google Drive (Tools… Options… User Folder…) using one of the computers, then access that same folder from the other computers.  NOTE:  You must have Google Drive on each computer.


If all else fails

Email your official cookbook to/from the non-official computers after you make changes. 

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