September-December 2013


Emailing Recipes Without a MAPI-Compliant Email Client


NYC’s File… Email Cookbook… and email recipe feature will work with your Windows default email client only if your email client is MAPI-compliant and MAPI has been  enabled in it.  If your default email client does not meet these MAPI requirements, you can still email recipes in a way that others with NYC can easily import them.  These alternatives are described here:


Email Cookbook


You can email a cookbook by zipping it (File… Zip Cookbook..), then emailing the zip file, which can be found in your user folder:  This operations zips the cookbook and all its indexes into a zip file named after the cookbook name.  You will find the zip file in your user folder .


Other NYC users can save the zip file from their email into their user folder, then run NYC and use File… Unzip Cookbook… to unzip the cookbook, then File… Open Cookbook… to open the unzipped cookbook.


Email Recipes


Select recipes in the recipe list (Recipes… Recipes…), then press the Email/Edit toolbar button on the same window.  Then press Edit on the popup window to open the recipes in NYC generic text format in your editor.  Then copy-paste the recipe text from the editor into the body of an email using any email client.  Other NYC users can paste the emailed recipe text into NYC’s Screen Import… , then press Import button on the screen import window.


Email Recipe Text File


You can also use NYC’s File… Export Recipes…, export recipes to a text file, then email the text file.  The other NYC user can then save the text file to their user folder, then run NYC and use File… Import Recipes…. to import the text file.



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