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User Folder Locations

 What is the default NYC user folder for various Windows and NYC versions?


Using NYC, users can move their user folder to where they choose, so it may not be in the default location.  You can use NYC’s Tools… Options… User Folder tab to see where your user folder is located.  Also, you can always search for *.gcf files across your hard drive to find where you might have moved it.  If you never moved it, it will be in the DEFAULT location.


The DEFAULT user folder location is shown below for various Windows and NYC versions.  In these folder names, “\Nyc5xx” means version number, such as “\Nyc577” for NYC 5.77 or "\Nyc591" for NYC 5.91.


Windows 10/8/7/Vista:

For NYC 5.89 and higher:   “c:\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx\user”

For NYC 5.80 to 5.88:        “c:\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx\user”                             (if you chose “shared” cookbooks on first execution of NYC)

                                            “c:\Users\USERNAME\ AppData\Roaming\FFTS\Nyc5xx\user”     (if you chose “private” cookbooks on first execution of NYC)

Windows XP:

For NYC 5.91 and higher:     “c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx\user” 

For NYC 5.80 to 5.90:          “c:\Program Files\FFTS\Nyc5xx\user” 

For NYC 5.77 and lower:     “c:\Program Files\Nyc5xx\user”


What is the default NYC installation folder for various Windows and NYC versions?


Windows 10/8/7/Vista:

For NYC 5.80 and higher:  “c:\Program Files (x86)\FFTS\Nyc5xx”


Windows XP:

For NYC 5.80 and higher:   “c:\Program Files\FFTS\Nyc5xx”

For NYC 5.77 and lower:    “c:\Program Files\Nyc5xx”


Why do I get “Error 75 path/file access error” sometimes when I change user folder location to or from my Google Drive?


You probably made a previous change that has not yet synchronized on your cloud drive.  When storing your user folder on a cloud drive like Google Drive, you must wait for the cloud drive to synchronize with the cloud after any previous change before NYC will allow a user folder change to or from the cloud drive.


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Last Updated:  04/28/2016

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