May-August 2014


Why You Should Keep User Files in NYC’s User Folder


NYC brings new imports, including those from Quick Web Recipes (easy), into the folder where the open cookbook resides.  Usually this is your User Folder, which by default resides at:
  C:\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx\user      (where 5xx is version number, e.g., 591 for v5.91)
However, if you have a cookbook open that is not in the User Folder, the import will go into the open cookbook's folder, not the User Folder.
Keeping cookbooks outside the User Folder is possible, but it is not recommended because:
   1) File... Backup... only backs up files in your User Folder.
   2) File… Upgrade… only brings over files from your previous version's User Folder; and
   3) Recipe search across cookbooks only looks in the open cookbook’s folder, so if the open cookbook is not in the User Folder, you may be missing a lot of search hits;

If you want to store your user files in a location other than the default User Folder location, move the User Folder from within NYC using Tools... Options... User Folder tab.  This way NYC still knows where your User Folder is located. You can always find where your User Folder is located using Tools… Options…  User Folder.

Previous NYC versions have used different default locations for the User Folders - see this page for details.  

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