January 2007


Publishing Your Recipes on the Web


You can publish an NYC cookbook to a recipe website using NYC. 


To do this:


 1.  Use File… Export Recipes… “web site (html)”.  Check the “by category” checkbox if you want an index page that points to categories rather than to recipe names . 


 2.  At this point, you can customize the web pages that will be produced using the Customize… button.  This gives you options to customize the background color, header/footer fonts and text, as well as a few other formatting options (include images, text format, etc). 


 3.  Press the Export button and you will be prompted to provide a filename for the index page for the exported recipes.  Accept the default and press Open.


 4.  Then select recipe(s) (right window) that you want exported and NYC and press the “<” button to put them in the export queue (left window).


 5.  Press the Export button to export the recipes to HTML – NYC will then prompt you to see if you want to open your browser to inspect the resulting web pages.


The resulting web pages are stored in your NYC \html folder.  Just upload these files to a folder on your server and you are all set to share with others online – just provide the the URL to the “index.htm” file.


Publishing Multiple Cookbooks to a Website


You can publish multiple cookbooks to the web by capturing each cookbook’s R*.htm files to individual folders that represent cookbooks.  You can also export multiple cookbooks to a website from a search across cookbooks.  For more instructions on methods to export multiple cookbooks to the web, see this tip:  May 2001 .




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