May 2001

Export-to-Web Using Multiple NYC Cookbooks

Here are two methods to export multiple NYC cookbooks to a website.


The easiest method is to export the results of a search across cookbooks:


1.      Select File… Export Recipes…

2.      Press the Search button.

3.      Select “across cookbooks” in the search keywords window. 

4.      Enter keywords as you wish for the search (leave keywords textbox blank to find ALL recipes in all the cookbooks).

5.      Select recipes from the search results window and press Apply to put them in the export queue.

6.      Press the Export button on the export window.


In this way, you can export recipes from multiple cookbooks to a website all at the same time.  However, this method may not let you export all your recipes if you have a very large number, due to export queue limitations. 


So here is what we suggest for creating a recipe website using a large number of recipes from multiple NYC cookbooks…


1.      Create a folder for your website that contains different subfolders (one for each cookbook's recipes).  This folder and contents will later be uploaded to your website.

2.      For your website indexes, treat the cookbook names (and their folders) as MAJOR categories, and treat the categories in each cookbook as subcategories. 

3.      Use NYC to export-to-web a cookbook (File… Export Recipes… “web site (html)”).  Answer Yes to the prompt to delete existing files in your \html folder.

4.      BEFORE exporting the next cookbook, copy the \html folder results to a cookbook subfolder (one for each cookbook you export) of your web upload folder.

a.       index.htm  =  category list for each cookbook

b.      C*.htm     =  recipe list for each category

c.       R*.htm     =  recipe pages

5.      Repeat steps 3. and 4. for each cookbook you want on your website.

6.      Manually add your own front-end index to your website that provides a link to each cookbook’s folder and its index.htm file (i.e., a link to the category index created by NYC for each cookbook.). 

When a website user clicks on a link to a cookbook on your front-end index, he will be taken to one of NYC’s category indexes (\subfolder\index.htm), so all links in the .htm files referenced from that point lower will work.

For a powerful example of how an enlightened NYC user applied the export-to-web feature, integrating it with their website’s search engine and category listing, see .

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