Jan-Feb 2009

(updated 2011-Feb-19)


Moving NYC to a Win7/Vista Computer



This NYC Tip is for folks who want to put NYC on a Win7 or Vista computer, along with all their user files from an previous installation on an old computer.


Let’s pretend that your previous NYC version is v5.77. 


To get NYC installed on your Vista computer:


Download the latest version of NYC (v5.88 or higher) from http://www.ffts.com/nyc32dl.htm onto your Win7/Vista PC and install it.  Do NOT install v5.77 on your Win7/Vista machine. 


Run NYC a few times an make sure it is working okay before you bring over your previous files. We recommend you select "shared" rather than "private" at the prompt on first execution of NYC.  This will ensure that your user folder goes into the “\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx” folder, where 5xx is the version (e.g., 588 for NYC 5.88).



To get your NYC user files from your NYC 5.77 installation onto your Vista computer:


Step 1:

Copy your entire \Nyc577 folder from your old computer to a flash drive (where 577 is the version, so the folder would be \Nyc577 for NYC 5.77).  If you are bringing files over from a Win7/Vista computer, the folder containing your old files will one of these:


“c:\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx”                           (if you selected “shared” cookbooks when you installed the old version)

“c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\FFTS\Nyc5xx”   (if you selected “private” cookbooks when you installed the old version)


Step 2:

Run the latest NYC version on your new computer and use File… Upgrade… to bring over/upgrade user files (including reg info and cookbooks) from your previous folder (now on your flash drive).  Afterward, use File… Open Cookbook… to see all cookbooks in your folder.  Note that incoming cookbooks may be slightly renamed to avoid name conflicts (e.g., RECIPES may be changed to RECIPES1, etc).  After a couple weeks, when you are sure you have everything, you can remove your previous version's folder from your flash drive.


The above Upgrade process should bring over your reg info from your v5.77 folder that you copied to your flash drive.  In case you need to enter your reg info into NYC manually, send an email with your registered name (and registration # if you know it) to sales@loginetics.com and we will send your reg info to you.





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