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Spell Check Troubleshooting


When I use File… Publish Recipes…, its stops and I get an error like “Too many spell check errors to continue”.


Word’s spell checker is giving you the message, not NYC’s.  Make sure that you have “Check spelling as you type” and “Check grammer as you type” turned off inside Word.

If I have the spell checker set for Swedish, it appears that the spell-checker defaults to finding misspelled words in English if a misspelled Swedish word is not found.

Only one spell check main dictionary language can be active at one time.  However, after the main dictionary is checked, the user dictionaries are checked.  (This sequenced was reversed in WSpell used by NYC 5.66 and earlier, i.e., the user dictionaries were checked first).  You can edit the user dictionaries using the Dictionaries… button on the spell check dialog (you need to run a spell check to see this dialog).

I cannot get the spell check to auto-correct, even though I have added words to the “correct.tlx” user dictionary that I want corrected.

WSpell (the spell checker that NYC uses) will not let you auto-correct a word that is already listed as a correctly spelled word in the main dictionary.  Thus, you can auto-correct “lbx” to “lb”, but you cannot auto-correct “pound” to “lb” (“pound” is a correctly spelled word in the main dictionary).

Spell check seems to recognize every word as misspelled, and the changes offered seem crazy.  What is happening?

It could be a problem with your “wspell.ocx file” or a permissions problem.  First make sure you have wspell.ocx v5.14.1.0 or higher (not  To do this, use Windows Explorer and find the wspell.ocx file in your \windows\system (or \windows\system32 for XP) folder.  Right click it and view Properties, Version tab to see the version number.  If you have or higher, you have the right version and the problem is likely due to not having proper access to the spell checker dictionary files (ssceam2.clx, etc) in your \windows\system or \system32 folder.   If you don’t have v5.14.1.0 or higher, you should download and install the latest version of NYC from which updates the spell check engine.

I cannot find any Help on how to customize the spell-checker.  Where is it?

The spell-checker has its own help.  Do a spell check on a recipe, then use the Help buttons on the spell checker window.

I selected Swedish for the spelling checker language, but I cannot see it affecting the result in any way. How does the spelling checker work? How should I check that it works?


Now when you spell-check a recipe, and a misspelled word is found (according to the Swedish wordlist), the candidate words for changing the misspelled word are in Swedish.  These show in the list on the spell check window when a misspelled word is found.


I am using the German dictionary for NYC’s spell checker.  The spell check does not seem to recognize the German word for sugar, lemon, and others, because they were without a first capital letter.


Try unchecking "case sensitive" in the spell check options (Tools... Options... Spell Check... Configure...).


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