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Operating System Compatibility


Does NYC work with Ubuntu ?

We have not tested NYC on any Linux system, but with the Windows emulators available for Linux, it should probably work.


Here is what one NYC user says about running NYC on Ubuntu using Wineq4 emulator:


“On the whole Now You’re Cooking is working fairly well with Wineq4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  It has frozen up but everything appears OK.  If you resize the screen, it won't remember the resize and always opens fully extended. However, the one or two small idiosyncrasies do not spoil the overall fun of using this program.  Please bear in mind that these comments appear after only using the program for an hour or so.”

Do you have a version of NYC for the iPad (or other tablet)?

We have no iPad or other tablet version of NYC, but tablet users have provided the following ways to use NYC on their tablets:

User #1:  "Using RDP software for your tablet, you can control your PC from your tablet to run any software on the PC.  It may be a bit tricky right-clicking, but you will effectively have a touch screen monitor in the kitchen controlling your PC in whatever room in the house on the same network."

User #2:  "I use Splashtop Streamer from my iPad for the same purpose. Works well."

Does NYC work with Windows 8 and 7 ?

Many users have tested NYC with Windows 8 successfully, and we have tested NYC on Windows 7 (64-bit) and all previous Windows versions with no problems.  We have received this message from :

“Our team tested your Now Youre Cooking! under the new Windows 7 operating system. You should know that your software passed this test and we inform you that your software received the Windows 7 Compatible award.”

Also, two users have reported that NYC installs and runs fine on Windows 7.  One said,

“I am using Windows 7, and the NYC program installed perfectly, and upgraded all recipes perfectly, runs great.” 

The other said:

“I have been using 5.85 on Windows RTM for several months without issue.  Not a power user, but all the regular stuff looks fine.  I am running under window 7 beta, and I just told it to run as a XP file in Properties. No problem runs fine. Windows 7 is backwards compatible.”

Please see the note below on 32-bit vs 64-bit systems.

Does NYC work with 64-bit systems ?

NYC was designed for a 32-bit operating system, and we have tested it and found not problems on a Windows 7 64-bit system.  Several NYC users have told us that NYC worked for them in 64-bit Vista and Windows 7.  One told us he got Error 52 when launching NYC after installation on his 64-bit system.   Another has reported some odd behavior on a 64-bit system, such as crashes while using the scroll arrow buttons on the recipe edit window and hangs during recipe editing.  We have not been able to reproduce any of these issues in our testing of NYC on a 64-bit system – it is working perfectly in our 64-bit testing.

In short, NYC is 32-bit software that works on 64-bit systems.  Please email us with your experiences using NYC on a 64-bit system.

Does NYC work with Windows Vista?

Yes, NYC versions 5.80 and higher were created with Vista in mind.  We suggest you always download and install the latest version .

Previous releases (e.g., NYC 5.77) will also work on Vista with special attention to the install folder.  We don’t recommend installing NYC 5.77 into the default folder (\Program Files).  For NYC 5.77 (or prior version), we suggest you use one of the following approaches for Vista installation:

Approach 1:  (recommended)


1.      Install NYC into “c:\Users\Public\Nyc577” . 


Approach 2:


1.      Install NYC into a root folder such as “c:\Nyc577” .

Approach 3:

1.      Install NYC into the default folder (“c:\Program Files\Nyc577”). 

2.      Right click on the NYC desktop icon.  In Properties, select “Run As Administrator”.


Any of the above approaches will allow NYC to work in Vista, accessible to all users.  Approach 1 or 2 are recommended because with Approach 3, the “Run As Administrator” selection must be repeated from time to time. 


Users should also note that the NYC 5.77 Help file will not open in Vista, as .hlp files are no longer supported in Vista.  Vista can open .hlp files if you download and install WinHlp32.exe (Windows Help engine).  You can download it from Microsoft at this site.


NYC 5.80 and higher install by default into the optimal folders in Vista, and they includes HTML Help, which Vista supports.


Is there a version of NYC available for a PDA?


We have no plans for a PDA version, but if we did one it would likely be for the ones that run Windows CE as their OS because we can have a VB compiler on it and the development would be more of a direct translation of the PC version, just downsized for the PDA.  We have not felt a strong need to do this yet because you can print all of NYC's outputs "to a text file", then use your PDA's native text import capability to import the reports (shopping lists, recipes, meal plans, etc).


Is there a Mac version of Now You’re Cooking?


No, we have no native Mac version of NYC.  Mac users have told us that NYC runs on their Macs using Windows emulator software such as Parallel, SoftWindows, or VirtualPC. 


One user told us she partitioned off part of her hard drive specifically for running Windows 7 for her Windows applications.  Specifically, she said:


“Yes…pretty slick, actually.  I have some sewing and embroidery software which requires Windows too….but I knew I wanted a Mac this time around.  Talked to the Apple techs, and did exactly what they said to do, and it works just great!

I purchased Parallels software, which made the partition.  Then I had to buy Windows 7 and install it.  It was very easy, and I get to run NYC and my sewing/embroidery stuff!  This is way better than using Bootcamp which switches to Windows, but you have to re-boot every time! ”


Is there a Linux version of Now You’re Cooking?


No, but users have told us that NYC does work in Linux under Wine (windows emulation layer for Linux), although some tab labels are distorted and some things like that.  It might also work under other Windows-emulator software for Linux like VMware, Win4Lin, or CrossOver.

Does NYC work with Windows XP?

Yes, use the latest version of NYC.

Does NYC work with Windows 2000?

Yes, use the latest version of NYC.

Does NYC work with Windows NT?

Yes, with NT 4.0.

Does NYC work with Windows 98?

Yes.  Use NYC v5 and higher.

Does NYC work with Windows 3.1x?

If you use Windows 3.1x, you must use the 16-bit version (v4).  Email us for a copy – we probably have one laying around somewhere.

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Last Updated:  12/2/2013

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