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Back Up/Restore Troubleshooting

NYC's File... Restore... won't let me restore RECIPES as it says that is the open cookbook.  NYC did let me restore other file names in the list.

I suspect you have the shipped RECIPES cookbook open when you try to restore a RECIPES cookbook from your .nyb file.  NYC refuses to overwrite the open cookbook.  So you need to open a different cookbook, or if you don't have another cookbook, create a new empty one (File… New Cookbook…) named something other than RECIPES.  Creating a new cookbook will open the new cookbook.  Then you can do a successful File… Restore… on RECIPES from your .nyb file. 


FYI, NYC's File... Back Up... only backs up files in your NYC User Folder.  If you were keeping your cookbook in another folder and using it there, NYC won’t back it up in the .nyb file.  This may also be a possibility, but I think the above is the issue you are having.

When I use File… Back Up… or Restore…, I get an Error 450 and/or “Error 449 Argument not optional”.  What is happening?


This can occur if the version of the internal zip engine that NYC requires is not consistent with the installed version.  The zip engine NYC uses is “activezip.ocx” – it is a shared file in your windows \system (or \system32) folder.  Thus, if you use other applications that require “activezip.ocx”, either NYC or the other application may fail due to need for a different version of “activezip.ocx” to be installed as the shared file.  Usually this problem can be fixed by downloading and installing the latest version of NYC, which will contain the latest “activezip.ocx” file.


After a hard drive crash, I restored NYC from my back up source.   Now I get SSTBARS.OCX not found.  What's up with this?

You need to install NYC rather than copy it from your back up, because the installation process will properly check your system for shared files like OCXs and DLLs, installing and registering them as necessary.  None of this goes on if you simply restore NYC from your back up.  

Also, SSTBARS.OCX is no longer needed for the newer versions of NYC.  We suggest you take this opportunity to download and install the latest version.

After a hard drive crash, I reinstalled NYC and restored my user files from back up CD.   Now I get Error 75 and Error 62 whenever I close a recipe or cookbook.  What is wrong?

You need to be careful using CDs for back up because copying files to and from CD can change them to 'read-only' files.  Any files restored onto your system from a CD should be checked for read-only.  Do this using the File Explorer - right-click the filename and select Properties.  If the 'read-only' box is checked, uncheck it.

I tried to zip a cookbook with NYC and was not successful.  What is wrong?

NYC now has a built in zip utility, but old versions of NYC required an external zip utility (see below), and this sounds like the problem.  Download the latest version of NYC at .

If you must use an older version (prior to NYC 5.54):

If you do not have a zip utility installed on your PC:
NYC works with WinZip 6.2+ and PKZip 2.5 (command line version).   If you do not have one of these installed, please download pk250c32.exe (PKZip 2.5 command line version) from our website; after download, copy the file into a new folder and dbl-click the file to install it.  Then see the next paragraph on how to tell NYC where your zip utility resides.

If you have a zip utility installed on your PC:
Have you told NYC where it resides on your PC?  If not, select Tools... Options... External Applications... and click your zip utility preference (Winzip or PkZip), then press the Path button just below.  Dbl-click in the pop-up file dialog until you find your zip utility's path, then press OK on the file dialog window.  Then Save your settings with the Save button.

If you do not know if you have a zip utility installed on your PC:
Use Start... Find... Files or Folders... and enter pkzip25.exe then repeat with winzip32.exe.  If neither is found, you do not have an appropriate zip utility installed.  See the first paragraph in this response for how to install a zip utility.

Once you have a zip utility installed AND you have identified it to NYC, the File... Zip Cookbook... features will work fine.

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