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Backup/Restore Operation

Can I backup my cookbooks directly to a CD-RW from NYC?


No, NYC won’t write directly to a CD – you need a CD writer program for that.  So use NYC’s File… Backup… feature to create the “user.nyb” (or whatever you name it) backup file, then use your CD burner software to copy “user.nyb” from your NYC folder to your CD.  If you have a flash drive, you should use it preferentially over burning a CD because any files you copy to CD will receive the “read-only” attribute, which you will have to undo before NYC can use the file.


I want to send my recipes to a floppy disc, just in case I lost the program, but cannot find out how to do this.


We suggest you use File… Backup… and backup all your user files to a flash drive (not a diskette).


If you must use a diskette:


If it is a very small cookbook, you can save it uncompressed to your floppy drive using File… Save Cookbook As… and select your A: drive as the target for the Save (use the drive list in lower right of the Save Cookbook As… window).  But usually NYC cookbooks are too large to fit on a floppy without compression (floppies are only 1.44 MB in size).


Accordingly, use File… Zip Cookbook… to zip up your cookbook with its indexes into a compressed .zip file, then copy that .zip file from your NYC \user folder to the floppy using Windows Explorer.  Note that this is easy in Windows Explorer -- just right-click the .zip file and use the Send To: in the popup menu to “send” (copy) the file to your A: drive.


Please note that floppies are notoriously undersized for storing medium to large NYC cookbooks, so you may need to break your cookbooks down into smaller ones and get them to fit.   To do this, create several cookbooks (File… New Cookbook…) then export batches of recipes to each cookbook you created (File… Export Recipes…).  Then zip up those cookbooks individually and copy each .zip file to your floppy as discussed above.

What is the easiest way to back up all my user files?

For v5.54 and higher, use NYC’s File… Backup… and Restore… features to backup the entire NYC \user folder to your backup medium.  This will store the \user folder in a compressed form with a file extension “.nyb” which you can copy to your backup medium.  Use the Restore feature later on the “.nyb” file to restore selected files from the backup as needed.  For v5.53 and earlier, use Windows Explorer to copy the entire NYC \user folder to your backup medium.


Can I create the NYC \user folder on a different drive from the program?  I like to keep my data on a separate drive for easy backup. 


Yes.  See the NYC Tip at .


The latest NYC versions have a very nice File... Backup... feature that will copy and compress all files in your \user folder, and you can save this file to any location such as your "data" drive. When you want to restore a file or files from the backup, you can do so selectively using File... Restore...

If I want to back up my most critical user files, what files should I include?

You should include your cookbooks and indexes (*.gcf, *.cdx, *.idx, *.cli, *.tag, *.ima, *.imx, *.rli, *.rdx); all lists (*.lst); all menus (*.mnu); all shopping lists (*.shp); and preferences (nyc.ini).

When I zip up a cookbook from within NYC, does the .zip file include all the indexes for the cookbook?

Yes.  Zipping your cookbooks and copying them onto a backup medium is a good way to back up your cookbooks.

Should I be concerned about backing up the NYC recipe cookbook? If so, how do I do it?

Yes, you should back up your cookbooks frequently (once a week, or more often if you are adding lots of recipes). The best way to backup a cookbook is to compress a copy of it using File... Zip Cookbook. Or you may elect to back up all your user files at once using File… Backup… . 

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