September 2006


Zipping and Unzipping Cookbooks


Zipping and unzipping cookbooks is a flexible, convenient way to compress NYC cookbooks from the NYC interface so that you can later store, archive, backup, or exchange the zipped  cookbooks.  NYC’s internal zip engine does the underlying file compression/decompression for these activities:


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When you zip an NYC cookbook from within NYC (File… Zip Cookbook…), NYC zips up the cookbook and all its indexes into a single zip file.  The .zip file is named like the cookbook except for the file extension.  For example, if you zip the RECIPES cookbook, NYC will include all of the following files (if they exist) in the resulting “” file:












When you use NYC to zip a cookbook, the zipped cookbook is automatically stored in the same folder as the unzipped files.  Users often zip cookbooks for backup or archival on another drive or backup medium.  When you use File… Email Cookbook(s)…, NYC will first zip the cookbook and its indexes and then email the zip file to the recipient.


When you zip a file, NYC zips a copy of the files, so the original unzipped files are not destroyed and can continue to be used.




When you use NYC to unzip a cookbook, the unzipped cookbook and its indexes are automatically stored in the same folder as the .zip file.  We suggest you always put zipped cookbook files into your NYC \user folder, so that when you unzip them, they appear in the cookbook list in File… Open Cookbook…  Thus, if you receive a zipped cookbook via email from another user, save the zip file into your NYC \user folder.  If you installed NYC into the default location and have not moved the user folder, it will appear in “C:\Program Files\Nyc574\user”, where 574 represents the version number 5.74 (or whatever your version is).


When you unzip a file, the .zip file is not destroyed, so you may occasionally want to delete these from your user folder or use them as backups.


Note that you can unzip ANY zipped file using NYC’s File… Unzip Cookbook…, not just cookbooks. 



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