September 2004



All About Resizing Recipes


To resize a recipe:


  1. Open the recipe in the editor (Recipes… Recipes… dbl-click recipe name).
  2. Press the Resize button on the recipe edit window.
  3. Enter a number of servings for the resized recipe (only allowed if number of servings has previously been specified for the recipe – see Time-Yield tab on the recipe edit window).

- OR -

      Enter a multiplier (0.5 to halve the recipe, 2.0 to double the recipe).  To resize from 4 to 6 servings, enter 1.5.  To resize from 12 to 8 serving, enter 0.67.


NYC will point out phrases in your recipe directions that you might want to change in the resized recipe, such as “Makes 6 servings”.


To save a resized recipe:

  1. You must first enable this option by checking “allow resized recipe to be saved” in Tools… Options… Editing…
  2. Press the Save button on the recipe edit window after resizing the recipe to save it.


To print a resized recipe:

  1. Use the Print menu selection on the main menu when a resized recipe is in the edit window.   Don’t use the print button on the toolbar – it only prints “saved” recipes.


To resize a recipe in a meal plan:

  1. Click the Resize button on the edit menu window and change the multiplier to the left of the recipe you want resized for the meal plan.

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