September 2003

Setting Up Your MAPI-Compliant Email Program For NYC 

NYC (v5.62 and higher) uses a protocol named MAPI (Mail Applications Program Interface) to "talk" to your e-mail program.  MAPI is a standard interface that allows NYC and other programs (including Windows itself) to instruct your e-mail program to create a new message, attach a file to it, etc.  If MAPI is not properly configured on your system, then NYC, Windows, and other programs can't create e-mail for you.  "Properly configured" means that:


 1.  You have a MAPI-compliant e-mail program installed,

 2.  The e-mail program properly supports the full MAPI interface that NYC requires, and

 3.  The e-mail program is configured to be the default e-mail program (sometimes called the "default MAPI client").


Examples of popular MAPI-compliant e-mail programs include, but are not limited to, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express (simple MAPI), MS Exchange, MS Mail, Groupwise 5.0, AOL 7.0, AOL 8.0, and Eudora.   AOL versions 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 are not MAPI-compliant and therefore do not support NYC's e-mail features.


If you cannot send email using the Email/Edit button on NYC's recipe selection window, then your MAPI features are not correctly specifed in your e-mail program, or you do not have a MAPI-compatible e-mail program installed and set as the default e-mail client.


If you know you are using a MAPI-compliant email program but NYC's e-mail support is not operating correctly, the information below may help you to configure your system.  Please note that the software listed below is not all-inclusive!  NYC should work with any full MAPI-compatible e-mail program; the information given below simply pertains to the most common system configurations.


If you are using America Online as your e-mail program:


The mail functions in AOL 7.0 and AOL 8.0 are MAPI-compatible e-mail programs, and so work with NYC's e-mail features.  As noted above, earlier releases of AOL are not MAPI-compatible, and so do not work with NYC's email features. If NYC's email is not functional, set AOL 7.0 or AOL 8.0 as the default e-mail program as follows:


 1.  Sign on to AOL.

 2.  Click the Keyword button.

 3.  In the resulting "Keyword" dialog, type the word "Preferences" (without quotes) into the text box, and click the Go button.

 4.  In the resulting "Preferences" dialog, click on the Association link to select "America Online" as your preferred application for web browsing, e-mail and newsgroups.

 5.  In the resulting "Associations Preferences" dialog, click the OK button.

 6.  AOL will now be your default program for e-mail, internet browsing, and accessing newsgroups.


If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express as your e-mail program:


You can set Outlook or Outlook Express as your default e-mail program by using Microsoft Internet Explorer:


 1.  Run Microsoft Internet Explorer.

 2.  Choose Properties or Internet Properties, and click the Programs tab.

 3.  Choose the desired e-mail program from the drop-down list labeled E-mail or Mail (depending on your version of Internet Explorer).

 4.  Click OK to save your changes.

 5.  If the e-mail program you specify supports the MAPI standard that NYC uses, it will be used when you activate NYC's e-mail feature.


Outlook Express 5, 5.1, 6:


Go to the Tools Menu, choose Options.

Choose the General Tab.

Down the bottom there is a section marked 'Default Messaging Programs'.

Click on the button marked 'Make Default'. If this button is 'dimmed' the Outlook Express is already your default mail program.


Outlook Express 4.7:


Go to the Tools menu, choose Options.

Choose the General tab.

Check the checkbox labeled 'Make Outlook Express my default mail program'.

Also check the check box below that labeled 'Make Outlook Express my default Simple MAPI client'.

Choose OK.


If you are receiving an error from Outlook when using NYC's e-mail features:


The latest versions of Outlook (not Outlook Express) are automatically configured to be the MAPI client when you set your Internet Explorer e-mail program to be "Outlook" as described above. However, problems can arise when other MAPI-compliant e-mail software has been installed on your system. Here is some information from the Outlook 2000 help file which may help to solve your problem:


"Installing other messaging software after installing Microsoft Outlook can cause problems. If you see a message that says that your Mapi32.dll file is corrupt or the wrong version, you can fix it by running a program in the Microsoft Windows System Directory.  In Windows Explorer, open the Windows folder and then open the System folder.  Double-click Fixmapi.exe to run the program."


If you are using Netscape Messenger as your e-mail program:


If your version of Messenger supports the MAPI standard, then you need to configure Messenger to be the default MAPI client.  Here's how to configure Messenger 4.7 (other versions may differ):


 1.  Choose Preferences from Messenger's Edit menu.

 2.  Choose the Mail and Newsgroups category and check the option to "Use Netscape Messenger from MAPI-based applications".

 3.  Click OK to save your changes.


Netscape Messenger 4.5 - 4.7:


Go to the Edit menu and choose preferences.

Click on Mail and Newsgroups in the left tree view.

Check the checkbox labeled 'Use Netscape Messenger from MAPI based applications'.

Choose OK.


Netscape Messenger 4.0x:


Go to the Edit menu and choose preferences.

Click on Mail and Groups in the left tree view.

There should be a button marked extended options (or something like that), click on it.

In the next dialog there will be a checkbox allowing you to use Netscape Messenger from MAPI based applications.


If you are using Eudora as your e-mail program:


If your version of Eudora supports the MAPI standard, then you need to configure Eudora to be the default MAPI client. Here's how to configure Eudora 4.1 (other versions may differ):


 1.  Choose Options from Eudora's Tools menu.

 2.  Choose the MAPI category and set Use Eudora MAPI Server to "Always" or "When Eudora Is Running".

 3.  Click OK to save your changes.

 4.  Note that you may then have to set the default e-mail program using Internet Explorer as described above in the Outlook or Outlook Express discussion.


Eudora Pro 4.x :


Go to the Tools Menu, choose Options.

In the list of categories on the left, choose MAPI.

In the group of radio buttons labeled 'Use Eudora Pro server:' choose either 'Always' or 'When Eudora is running'

Choose OK.


If you are using Pegasus as your e-mail program:


With Pegasus Mail, an icon is added to your program group for the program called 'Setup Pegasus MAPI support'. Click on that icon, and follow instructions.

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