September 2002


Back Up and Restore NYC User Files


For NYC v5.54 and higher, the File… Backup… and Restore… features provide the easiest, most efficient, and most reliable way to back up and restore user files.


To back up all files in your NYC \user folder:


  1. Select File… Backup…
  2. Provide a backup location (path and file), or accept the default.  The path and file can be on any storage medium that is connected to your computer or network and which is turned on.  NOTE:  Don’t put backup files in your NYC \user folder or your backup files will recursively include previous backups. 
  3. Press the Backup button.
  4. If the overwrite prompt appears, select Yes or No, depending on whether you want to replace your previous backup of the same name.
  5. At the file size prompt, select Yes to continue (assuming you have sufficient disk space).


NYC will compress your user files into a file with extension “.nyb” and place the file in the folder you specified.


To restore selected files from any previous Back Up:


  1. Select File… Restore…
  2. In the file dialog, select a back up file (“.nyb” file extension).  NOTE:  If you don’t see file extensions, use Windows Explorer, Tools…, Folder Options…, View tab, and uncheck “Hide file extensions”.
  3. In the list of files that appears (contents of back up file), multi-select files that you want restored.
  4. At the overwrite prompt, press Yes.
  5. Press the Restore button.



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