September-October 2010


Sharing NYC User Files Over a Network


NYC is network-friendly, but it is not a true network database application, so multiple users cannot make simultaneous edits to recipes in the same cookbook (i.e., NYC has no database lockout provisions).


For network functionality, we suggest you designate one computer as the main location, and move that computer’s NYC user folder to a shared location (use Tools… Options… User Folder… to move the user folder).  Note that in Win7 or Vista, if you specified public rather than private cookbooks when you installed NYC, then your user folder is already in the Public folder (a shared folder over the network). 


Then have the other computers access cookbooks in the main computer's user folder.  Make sure the other computers have both read and write access to the main computer's user folder and that's it.  Any computer can then access and update the shared cookbook(s) over the network.



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