October 2007


How to Use NYC’s Fitness Calculator


NYC’s Fitness Calculator provides you with quantitative fitness metrics based on personal data, and allows you to track your personal measurements over time to determine changes in your fitness metrics.


To open the Fitness Calculator, select Tools... Fitness Calculator...  To get started, press Names... to add or delete users who will enter personal data for fitness calculations.  When you press Save in the Names window, you will see those names in the Fitness window. 


To use the calculator, select your name from the name list, then use the small calendar button to select a date for the measurements.  Then enter your personal information (age, gender, exercise level, and body measurements) and press Save.  This will record your information in the "fitness.lst" file in your user folder and update the fitness metric calculations.


NYC provides these fitness metrics:


  Caloric Targets to meet weight gain/loss goals

  Body Fat Percentage and Ideal Weight

  Body Mass Index (BMI)

  Waist to Height and Waist to Hip ratios


along with relevant tables showing how to interpret these metrics.  Each tab contains helpful information about the metrics.


You can enter data in US or SI units - just select the appropriate radio button.




Names... - to add or delete user names


Delete... - to delete personal measurement data from selected dates


Calendar button - to select date for measurements


Save - to save the personal data that you just entered for the date provided (refreshes fitness calculations)


Refresh Calculations - refreshes fitness calculations without saving measurements (so you can make a temporary change in an input to see how it affects the results)


Cancel - closes the Fitness Calculator window



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