October 2006


Importing Lots of Recipes Quickly and Easily


Having a large recipe NYC recipe collection on your computer is helpful because it allows you to find just the right recipe when you go to search for it with keywords.  With NYC, you can quickly and easily import a large number of recipes to support massive searches.


The easiest way to import a large base of recipes is to use NYC’s File… Quick Web Recipes (easy)… feature.  Use Quick Web Recipes (easy) to download, unzip, and import massive quantities of recipes directly from the NYC Recipe Library.  This feature makes download, unzip, and import operation extremely easy and transparent to the user.  Use Quick Web Recipes (classic) only if you need more control over the process.  For example, use (classic) if you wish to obtain recipe files from other websites, or to preserve the downloaded zip file on your computer after the download. 


You can import the download files into separate cookbooks, into a new cookbook, or into the open cookbook.



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