October 2005


Hints for Making Backups


When you back up your NYC user files, it is recommended that you use NYC features to do the backups.  Advantages to using NYC features to backup your files include simplicity, convenience, and file compression to minimize storage space requirements.


Backup All User Files

If you want to quickly and easily back up ALL your user files, use File... Backup...  This will create a “.nyb” file in your NYC folder that you can copy to your backup medium (e.g., USB flash disk, CD-ROM, etc).  You can later restore all or selected files from this backup using File… Restore….


Backup a Single Cookbook

If you want to backup a single cookbook, use File... Zip Cookbook...  This will zip the cookbooks and all its indexes (.gcf, .idx, .cdx, .cli, .rdx, .rli, .tag, .imx, .ima) into a .zip file with the same name as the cookbook.  You can then find the resulting .zip file (cookbookname.zip) in your user folder and copy it to your backup medium.  You can later restore a zipped cookbook using File… Unzip Cookbook….


Email Cookbook(s)

You can also simply email yourself one or more cookbooks to another PC using File… Email Cookbook(s)….  NYC will zip all necessary files into a single .zip file and email it.  On the receiving PC, save the file in a backup folder



Store your backup files in a secure location, preferably off-site in case your computer is destroyed in a fire. 



Put backup files (.nyb) under your user folder.  You might forget and leave it there.  Then it will be added to each new backup you make of the user folder.  If you do this over and over, your backup file will grow exponentially because it is filled with multiple copies of itself!



Please note that NYC cannot write or “save” directly to a CD.  You must use your CD burner software to drive the laser in your CD burner to copy your backup file(s) onto a CD.





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