October 2002


Searching the Glossary


Here are two ways to quickly find words or phrases in NYC’s cooking glossary.  You must have the glossary open to perform these searches.


To open the glossary, select Tools… Cooking Terms and Tips…  -OR-  press the Glossary toolbar button.


Find First Occurrence


Just type on the keyboard with the Glossary window open and active. You don't need a text box to type into.  NYC will use your typed letters to find the first occurrence of your typed string in the list.  Each additional letter you type will cause further search for the full string you have typed.  Don't type successive characters too fast.



type "r", then wait a split sec, then type "e", wait, then type “n” and NYC will find “render”.


To start a new search, wait several seconds to clear the last string, then start slowly typing characters for the new string.


Find All Occurrences


Select Edit… Find… from the main menu (with the Glossary window open), then type a word or phrase and press Find All.  NYC will find all occurrences of the word.  When you click one of the search results, NYC will display the glossary information in the glossary window.

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