November 2006


Sorting the Cookbook List


When you use File… Open Cookbook…, you get a list of cookbooks.  This list includes all cookbooks that reside in the same folder as your open cookbook.  Typically this is the NYC \user folder, but not necessarily so if you keep cookbooks in other folders on your hard drive.  


You can sort the cookbook list that displays by cookbook size or name by clicking on the header button just above each column in the list.  Thus, the user can control which column the list is sorted by, and with successive clicks, whether the sort is ascending or descending. 


If you have “NYC-type with cookbook annotations” turned off (see Tools… Options… Cookbooks…), then you are using the Explorer-type file dialog to list your cookbooks.  In this case, use the View Menu at the top right of the Open Cookbook file dialog to view Details, so you can see the column header fields.  Then click the Name column to sort by name rather than by Size, and so forth. 



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