November 2005


Preserving a Customized Ingredients Droplist


When you install a new version of NYC, you need to run the new version, and use File… Upgrade… to bring over/upgrade user files from your previous version.  In the Upgrade window, you will notice that the ingredient list checkbox is unchecked by default, so the ingredient list that ships with the new NYC will not be overwritten by your old ingredient list during the Upgrade.  This is the default so that as new ingredients are added to the list by us, you can take advantage of them with no effort. 


However, some users like to keep their old ingredients droplist because they have invested effort in customizing it.  These users should check the ingredients droplist checkbox in the Upgrade window before pressing Proceed.  This will force your previous ingredient list to be brought over, replacing the one that shipped with the new NYC.


Another default setting that affects your ingredient droplist is the auto-update feature.  NYC default is to update the droplist with new ingredients whenever you save a recipe.  You may not want this if you keep a customized ingredient droplist.  You can turn off this feature using Tools… Options… Editing tab… then uncheck the box for “Add items to droplists, price list”.



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