November-December 2009


Reuse Menus By Changing Menu Period


Some folks like to use menus over and over, but NYC requires a menu period.  As a result, some users think they need to save a menu for each new period.   Not so!


All you need to do is change the starting date for the menu to the new date, and voila, NYC includes the same menu for the same number of days, only starting on the new date.




Make sure the new starting date falls after the ending date of the original menu -- otherwise, NYC will assume you are trying to truncate the menu.


When you first change the start date to a date after the end date, NYC will give a warning but just continue on and NYC will auto-change the end date to match the #days in the original menu.


Here are some examples of menu period changes and the NYC behavior to expect:


Old Menu Period   New Menu Period     NYC Behavior

Mar 1-7                   Mar 8-14                   All 7 days of menu are kept and shifted to the new period

Mar 1-7                   Mar 2-7                     NYC keeps the first 6 days of the menu, and starts on Mar 2

Mar 1-7                   Mar 2-8                     if end date is changed first, NYC keeps all 7 days and starts on Mar 2

                                                                  if start date is changed first, NYC keeps the first 6 days, starts on Mar 2, and Mar 8 is blank


Remember to not save your changes until you are sure the menu is the way you want it.  So as you test out the ideas above, Cancel out of the save operation to avoid making any changes during your testing.


See also:  How to Reuse Menus in a Different Menu Period for a little broader view of the same subject.



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