May 2007


Adjusting Nutrition Links to a New USDA SRxx Database


When you start using an NYC version that includes an upgraded nutrition database, you always need to update the links in your:


You DO NOT have to update any of these nutrition links manually.  Rather, just use the following simple process:


1)      Select Tools... Data Mgt... Nutrition tab and see the frame "Adjust Nutrition Links to a New Database".


2)      Press the button "Ingredient Droplist". 


This will update the links in your ingredient droplist, which is used to build new recipes. 


3)      In the same frame, select "all cookbooks" and press the button "Recipe Ingredients". 


This will update all nutrition links for every ingredient to the new SR19 database.  Links to nutrition items that were removed from the USDA database between SR13 and SR19 will not get updated.  NYC will identify obsolete links for you at the end of the link update procedure, if you answer "Yes" to the prompt to see them.  You need to manually relink any such ingredients that are linked to nutrition items that no longer exist.  These ingredients will be identified in the Omissions Summary after a nutrition analysis.


If you run 5.80 and do File... Upgrade..., you will note that NYC offers to auto-update the links in the ingredient droplist and all your cookbooks at the end of the Upgrade process. 



  1. We updated the nutrition database from SR13 in v5.77 to SR19 in v5.80, so any recipes you bring over from your v5.77 or previous versions will need their nutrition links updated.
  2. Updating the links in your ingredient droplist will not auto-update the links in any recipes brought over from a previous version, so you must not omit any of steps 1)-3) above.


For your information, here are NYC versions where we introduced an updated nutrition database:


            NYC                USDA Database

            5.80                 SR19

            5.30                 SR13

            4.50                 SR11-1




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