May 2006


How to Get Recipe Images Into Your NYC Cookbook


Some users like to scan recipe images, or photograph the dishes, and then add these images to the recipes in their NYC cookbook.  To do this:


  1. Using your scanner software, save the scanned picture as a .jpg or .gif image file into a folder that you remember.  If using a digital camera, use your camera software to export the images from your camera to a folder that you remember.  If you don’t have scanner or camera software, you can use Microsoft’s Scanner and Camera Wizard that comes with Windows XP to get pictures from your scanner or camera onto your computer.
  2. Run NYC, press the “R” toolbar button, and double-click the recipe to open it in the edit window. 
  3. Select the image tab in the recipe edit window.
  4. Press the Browse… button on the image tab, and browse to the folder where you saved the .jpg image file. 
  5. Select the .jpg or .gif image file and press the Open button (or dbl-click the file).  The image will appear in a frame on the image tab. 
  6. Save the recipe.


Backing Up Your Images

When you attach an image to a recipe with NYC, NYC stores that image in the cookbook's image archive (*.ima) and indexes it (*.imx).  There is no need to retain the original images because there is no connection to them.  NYC retrieves images from the cookbook's image archive when NYC needs to print or display an image of a recipe.  However, it is always prudent to keep the original images as a backup in case your cookbook gets corrupted and the images lost.




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