March 2008


How to Categorize Multiple Recipes at Once


To manage category assignments for many recipes at a time, use Recipes... Categorize Multiple Recipes...  From this window you can select a category and quickly assign and unassign multiple recipes to the selected category.  By selecting each category in turn, you can quickly manage category assignments for an entire cookbook. 


To uncategorize multiple recipes in a category:

  1. Select the Category.
  2. Multi-select recipes in the category pane (left white pane) and press the Unassign From Category button.


 To categorize multiple recipes into a category:

  1. Select the Category.
  2. Multi-select recipes in the recipe list (right white pane) and press the “<” button.
  3. To categorize the same recipes into another category, select the new category and press “<” again (with the recipes still multi-selected).


From the Categorize Multiple Recipes window, you can also search for recipes with particular ingredients or keywords in the recipe name, and then categorize recipes in the search results all at once.  Here are the steps:


  1. Select a category in Categorize Multiple Recipes... window where you want the recipes to be categorized (e.g., "Desserts").
  2. Press the Search button in the Categorize Multiple Recipes.
  3. Enter search keyword(s) into the search window (let's say 'pie').  Doing the search in this window saves you having to tag recipes.
  4. Select all recipes (press Select All) in the search results window.
  5. Press Apply in the search results window.  This puts the search results into the category's recipe list.
  6. Press Save in the Categorize Multiple Recipes window.


If you see recipes in another recipe list window that you want to recategorize, just tag them and ecategorize them all at once:


  1. Tag the subject recipes in that window (select recipes and press Tag button).
  2. Close that window. 
  3. Select Recipes… Categorize Multiple Recipes… and click “tagged recipes”.
  4. Select a category.
  5. Press the “<” button to assign the tagged recipes to the selected category.


There are many more powerful categorization methods in NYC.  For more information on categorizing recipes, see also All About Categorizing Recipes .



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