March 2007


Using NYC on a USB Flash Drive



Even though you can install NYC on a USB flash drive, we do not recommend it because of 1) slower performance, and  2) corruption of existing NYC installation already on the PC where you will use the flash drive.  Also, to use NYC on a flash drive, you must install NYC on the flash drive using any computer where you wish to use the flash drive.  If NYC was already installed on a computer, this process will alter that installation, requiring reinstallation of NYC on that computer after the flash drive is removed.

Installing on a USB Flash Drive

To install NYC on a flash drive:

 1.  Plug the flash drive into a USB port

 2.  Use My Computer to see which drive letter was assigned to your flash drive when you plugged it in.

 3.  Run the setup file for NYC, specifying your flash drive’s drive letter as the installation location. 


This procedure installs certain shared files into Windows on the PC.  You must run this installation again on any laptop or other computer you want to run NYC on using your USB flash drive.

Running NYC from the USB Flash Drive

1.      Use My Computer (XP) or Computer (Vista) to browse folders on your flash drive and browse to the location where you installed NYC.

2.      Find the “Nyc.exe” file and run it (dbl-click).

3.      To create a shortcut on your laptop or desktop computer, select the Nyc.exe file, right-click then select Create shortcut…


You should note that disk access on a flash drive can be slower than on a hard drive, so you should expect reduced performance speed relative to use of NYC on a hard drive.



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