March 2003

Using NYC at Low Video Resolutions

NYC works best with 800x600, 1024x768, or higher resolution.  If you wish to use NYC at 640x480 (or 800x600 on a small monitor), or if you are otherwise having problems with button labels and windows appearing incorrectly, you may want to try a few suggestions listed here:

Windows Display Properties

Using Control Panel…, Display…, Appearance Tab, make sure “Windows Standard Scheme” is selected.  In Windows XP, make sure “Windows XP style” or “Windows Classic style” if you are using Windows XP).

Using Control Panel…, Display…, Settings Tab, make sure “Small Fonts” or “Normal” is selected.  In Windows XP, press the Advanced button on the Settings Tab and make sure “Normal size (96 dpi)” is selected.

NYC’s Recipe Edit Window

To show more lines of ingredients:

1.      Use the Classic Thin toolbar instead of the Activity-Based Toolbar (View… Toolbar> Classic Thin).

2.      Maximize the recipe edit window (maximize button in upper right corner of window).

3.      Use the side-by-side option (ingredients to left, directions to right) rather than over-under option (ingredients on top, directions on bottom).






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