June 2006


How to Replace NYC’s Default Category List


Many NYC users like to use the same categories in different cookbooks, and they want to specify these default categories.  With NYC, you can edit the default categories using Tools… Data Management… Categories tab… and press the Edit… button.  This lets you add or delete categories one at a time to the default category list.


If you have a cookbook with the categories already the way you like them, and you want to use them as default, then do this:


In your NYC \user folder:


  1. Make a copy of your cookbook’s “.cli” file (“COOKBOOKNAME.cli”).
  2. Delete the “catlist.def” file.
  3. Rename the copy of the .cli file that you created to “catlist.def” (file containing NYC’s default category list).  This replaces the entire list of default categories with those from your cookbook.



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