July 2002

List Tagged Recipes Across All Cookbooks   

To see a list of all tagged recipes across all cookbooks, perform a search as follows:


1.       Open the recipe edit window (press the "R" toolbar button).

2.       In the recipe edit window, click on "tagged recipes" (this defines the search range).

3.       In the recipe edit window, press the Search button.

4.       In the search window that pops up, click on "all cookbooks" -- leave the keywords box blank to force all recipes in the search range to be found.

5.       Press Search button in the search window.  All tagged recipes from all cookbooks should appear in the list.


To clear all tagged recipes from all cookbooks:


1.      Select Tools… Data Management… Cookbooks…

2.      Click on “all cookbooks” and press Untag Recipes…


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