January 2005


Quickly Review Imported Recipes



To quickly review recipes after downloading large files from the Internet into a new cookbook:


1.      Open the cookbook (if not already open).

2.      Highlight a block of recipe titles.

3.      Press Email/Edit button on the recipe selection window.

4.      Press the Open in Editor button on the popup dialog.


This way you can quickly see what the ingredients and directions are for a group of recipes.  If it is a recipe you know you will never use, go back to the cookbook and delete it.


One clever NYC user a modified version of this method to do a global Replace on imported recipes (i.e., replace “teaspoon” with “tsp”, etc.), as follows:


  1.  Open cookbook.  Highlight a block of recipes.  Email/open - open in editor. 

  2.  Scroll down to review recipes; delete those you will never use or edit the ones you decide to keep (make sure you delete everything between the @@@@@ markings). 

  3.  When you've finished with that block of recipes; Select All and Copy. 

  4.  Return to cookbook recipe selection list and delete highlighted recipes. 

  5.  Open Recipes - Screen Imports; paste selection in screening window.  Test.  Import.

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