January 2003

All About Upgrading

Do I need to install each successive new version?

No.  Each new version of NYC is self-contained and completely independent of previous versions.  Check the changes.txt file, and see if you think you want to upgrade.  If so, download the new version from http://www.ffts.com/download.htm . 

How do I upgrade to a new version and not lose my recipes?

Download the new version from http://www.ffts.com/download.htm .  Install the new version on your computer by running the downloaded setup file (snyc32.exe or snycxxx.exe, where xxx is the version number).  Then run the new version and use File... Upgrade... to bring over/upgrade user files (including your reg info and cookbooks) from your previous installation.  After a couple weeks, when you are sure you have everything from your previous installation, you can uninstall your previous installation and remove its folder.. 


How do I uninstall a previous version?


Use the Start Menu… Now You’re Cooking!> Now You’re Cooking! Uninstall selection.  Or go to Control Panel and use the Add/Remove feature.  You can also run the unwise.exe file in your NYC folder.  NYC’s uninstall only removes items that were installed - any new files you have added must be removed by deleting the NYC folder after the Uninstall.

How do I upgrade to a NYC lifetime registration from NYC Express, NYC Lite, or a previous NYC version-only registration?

Click on http://www.ffts.com/register.htm  and see Product #3192  for $18 (at this writing).

I have a registration code for NYC v5 but it does not work with the new version.  What to do? 

An NYC reg code won’t work with NYC Express.  Likewise, an NYC Express reg code won’t work with NYC.   So make sure you are using a reg code that goes with the product you are using. 

If your code is for NYC v5 and it does not work, make sure when you paste the reg code into the registration box under Help… Register… Reg Code button, you trim off extraneous characters before and after the code before you press OK.

Users of NYC v4 require a new reg code for v5 – obtain for free from sales@ffts.com.

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