January 2002

Putting Tagged Recipes From All Cookbooks Into a New Cookbook

  1. From NYC’s main menu, select File... Export Recipes... (or press the Export toolbar button).
  2. In the popup export dialog:

-     select “NYC cookbook” radio button

-     press the Export… button.

  1. On the file dialog:

-         provide a new cookbook filename for the export (one not in the list).

-         press OK.

  1. In the export window recipe list:

-         select “tagged” radio button.

-         press Search… button.

  1. In the search keywords window:

-         select “all cookbooks”.

-         leave the search keywords box blank (this will find all recipes in search domain).

-         press Search.

  1. In the search results window:

-         press Select All button.

-         press Apply button.


Now that you have tagged recipes from all cookbooks in the export queue,


      7.   Press the Export button on the export window.


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