January-February 2011


Resolving Units in Shopping Lists and Nutrition Analysis

NYC’s nutrition analysis is based on conversion of recipe ingredients units to grams.  However, you may have individual items in your recipes (e.g., egg, bananas) that are specified without a mass.  If you specify them in mass units, the nutrition analysis works fine but you get a shopping list with units as a mass, rather than as individuals.  “Mass-qualified” units can resolve this.


In your recipe, adding “2 eggs” gives you "cannot convert to grams" in nutritional analysis.  Google search says there is approximately 60 grams per egg.  So you put 120 grams of eggs in your recipe, and the nutrition analysis works great.  However, in menu planning you want to resize to 6 meals -- this means 12 eggs.  Shopping list for the menu says you need to purchase “0.72 kg eggs”, but you would rather see “12 eggs” in the shopping list. 

The solution is to use "mass-qualified" units in your original recipe ingredient.  For example, instead of  2   eggs” or “120  g  eggs”, use:


qty     unit                 description

2       each (60 g)      egg


The nutrition analysis will work because it recognizes the grams in the "mass-qualified" unit, and resized menu plans will generate a shopping list with qty shown as the number of eggs.



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