December 2007


Export Category Recipes From All Cookbooks to a New Cookbook


If you have several large general-purpose cookbooks, you may eventually need to create a cookbook with recipes from a specific category.  As an example, let’s say you want to create a new Seafood cookbook from recipes in the Seafood category across all your cookbooks.  To do this:


1.      Open the export window (File.. Export Recipes...)

2.      Select the “seafood” category in the open cookbook.

3.      Do a search across cookbooks, where the search has no keywords.  A no-keyword search will list all recipes in the “seafood” category across all cookbooks.

4.      Select all recipes in the search results and press Apply on the search results window to queue the recipes for export.

5.      Press the Export button to export the queued recipes to a new cookbook called Seafood.



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