December 2001

Working With Index Cards

NYC’s index card printing maximizes use of the limited space on a typical index card image, so lots of formatting and calculation goes on to get the final print.  Here are a few tips to facilitate successful printing of index card sheets:

1.      Avoid using recipe ingredients or directions that are in all caps, especially if you are using a non-fixed font like Arial – cap letters are wider than most other letters and may not fit well on a line of an index card.

2.      Use Printer Setup… command to set top and left margins if default margins don't look good with a fontsize on your printer.

3.      Arial fonts are recommended.  Font sizes greater than 10 are not recommended.  Font sizes less than 10 (9 or even 8) may at times look better than 10. 

4.      Use the mini-print preview on the recipe format window to try out different margin and index card settings before you print.

5.      The easiest index card size to work with (in our humble opinion) is 4.25 x 5.5, because you just cut the sheet in half both ways after printing.

6.      Add cut lines between index card images (on most printers, anyway) using Tools… Options… Printing…  check the “show cut lines” box.

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