August 2008


Controlling the Recipe List Size


You may have noticed that NYC recipe lists only show recipe names in blocks of 2000 recipes (default).  You can press the little + or – buttons at the top of any recipe list to list more blocks of recipes in the cookbook.  This buffered display sometimes causes confusion because when a user changes a recipe and saves it, it only appears in the very last list buffer, causing some users to believe the recipe was deleted.


Not showing you the entire list of recipes at once speeds up NYC’s recipe list performance in large cookbooks.  However, if not seeing all your recipes in a single list bothers you, you can ensure that you see them all by increasing the size of the list buffer to a number larger than the number of recipes in your cookbook. 


To change the recipe list buffer size:


  1. Select Tools… Options… Cookbooks…
  2. Select a number in the droplist under “maximum #recipes in recipe list sort buffer”.  Change this number to a number larger than the maximum number of recipes in your cookbook.


Note that in a large cookbook, this setting will slow down NYC performance in displaying recipe lists.




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