April 2004


Search the Nutrition Database


Sometimes when linking recipe ingredients to nutrition items, or just looking for a food item in the nutrition database, you need to search the nutrition database.  With NYC, you can enter a search keyword and find all occurrences of that word or string among the nutrition database food items.


To search the nutrition database:


1.      You must have the nutrition database window open in some fashion to be able to search it.  If you have just double-clicked an ingredient in a recipe from the recipe edit window, then the nutrition database is already open (popped up at the right of your screen in half-window mode).  You can also open it by selecting Nutrition… Database…

2.      With the nutrition database window open in some fashion, select Edit… Find… from the main menu.

3.      Enter a keyword or string (only one is recommended) and press Find All…


All nutrition items containing your keyword or string will now appear in the search window.  Click any item in the search results window to have it display in the nutrition database window.


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