April 2003

Emailing Recipes From a Search Results Window

Often you will want to search for a certain recipe and email it to a friend.  So it would be convenient to email recipes from NYC’s search results window without having to go to all the trouble of exporting the recipe to a text file and attaching the file to an email.  Here is an easy, efficient way to email recipes from the search results window.


  1. Do a recipe search from any searchable recipe list.  The Search Results window will appear with recipes matching your search criteria.
  2. Select recipe(s) in the Search Results window that you want to email.
  3. Press the little Editor button on the main toolbar (or select File... Run Editor..)
  4. In the popup dialog, select MM or NYC generic text format and press OK.
  5. Copy-paste from the editor window into your email client.


This functionality exists in v5.50 and higher. 

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