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Upgrading to a New Version of NYC - Troubleshooting


I have tried to install NYC several times on my Win7/Vista computer without success.  What do I do now?


If you do not get the “shared” or “private” prompt on first execution of NYC after installation, then you did not get a clean installation, which is essential.  To get a clean installation, you need to:


1.  Uninstall NYC 5.88 (or higher) from your computer using the Uninstall selection in the startup group or using the Control Panel.

2.  Remove all of these folders that may remain on your computer (VERY IMPORTANT STEP):

     “c:\Program Files\FFTS\Nyc588”



3.  Reboot your computer.

4.  With all other programs turned off, reinstall NYC 5.88 (or higher).

5.  Run NYC 5.88 (or higher) for the first time after installation, and select “shared” at the prompt to share or keep private cookbooks.


I copied the entire folder of Nyc575 from an old XP PC to a new Windows 7 PC.  When I try to upgrade (after installing latest NYC on new PC), the latest version gives me an error referring to the nyc.usr file:  "Error in Upgrade procedure..  bad filename."


Open the file named in the error message (nyc.usr), and change the filename on the first line to match that where you put the old user folder on the Win 7 machine.


  I am transferring my recipes and cookbooks to a new computer that has Windows Vista operating system.  I copied the user files from the old computer into the new NYC folder and I can see them there in File Explorer, but when I open NYC and use File… Open Cookbooks, it does not show the cookbooks I copied over.  What is happening?


With Vista, user files can no longer be in the Program Files folder – the \user folder you see under the NYC folder in Program Files is just a copy of the installed user files, not your user folder location .  When you first ran NYC in Vista, you were asked if you wanted your cookbooks to be public or private.  This is so NYC can copy the user files to a location where they can be used.  You can see your user folder location using Tools… Options… User Folder tab.


The user folder (where you need to copy those user files from your old computer) will be in one of these 2 locations, depending on your answer to the "public" or "private" question:


If the user elects to share cookbooks with other users of the same PC:


NYC user files (e.g., your cookbooks) are copied to



NYC support files (e.g., the Help file "nyc.chm") are copied to



If the user elects NOT to share cookbooks with other users of the same PC:


NYC user files (e.g., your cookbooks) are copied to



NYC files (e.g., "nyc.chm" Help file) are copied to



So look for one of the above user folder locations and copy your user files into it.


Simply copying over files is not generally recommended if you are also changing NYC versions, because some of your user file formats may need to be updated for the new NYC.  Here is the recommended process for getting going on a new Vista computer if you also upgraded your NYC version:




Let’s pretend that your your newly installed version on Vista is v5.84 and that your old NYC version on the old computer is v5.61. 


To get NYC installed on your new Vista computer:


Download and install NYC 5.84 from .  V5.84 was designed with Vista in mind.  Do NOT install v5.61 on your Vista machine.


To get your NYC user files from your 5.61 installation onto your new computer:


STEP 1 (copy over your NYC 5.61 folder to your Vista computer:


On your old PC, make sure your NYC user folder is under your NYC main folder.  If not, move the folder back there using Tools… Options… User Folder tab.


Copy your entire NYC 5.61 folder from your old computer to a USB flash drive (avoid using a CD for this copying as CDs relabel files as "read-only"). 


Put the USB flash drive into your Vista computer. 


Using File Explorer on your Vista machine (rt-click Start... Explore...), copy the NYC 5.61 folder from your USB flash drive (or other media) to the folder :


<drive:>\Users\Public\Public Documents\FFTS\Nyc561


NOTE:  Do NOT copy the 5.61 folder to Program Files on your Vista machine.


IMPORTANT:  If there is no “nyc.usr” file in your <drive:>\Users\Public\Public Documents\FFTS\Nyc561 folder, you need to create one.   Create a text file named “nyc.usr” using Notepad or other text editor.  On the first and only line of the text file, add the string:




where <drive:> is the appropriate drive letter.


STEP 2 (upgrade your 5.61 user files as they are brought into v5.84):


Run v5.84 on your new computer and select File… Upgrade… You will need to use the Browse… button to locate the folder (dbl-click the drive list and folder list to find the folder on your flash drive). Press Proceed in the Upgrade window to bring over/upgrade user files (including reg info and cookbooks) from your previous version's NYC folder on the flash drive.  Afterward, use File… Open Cookbook… to see all cookbooks in your folder.  Note that incoming cookbooks may be slightly renamed to avoid name conflicts (e.g., RECIPES may be changed to RECIPES1, etc).  After a couple weeks, when you are sure you have everything, you can remove your previous version's folder (v5.61).


The above Upgrade process should bring over your reg info from your v5.61 folder that you copied to your Vista machine.


When I try to upgrade using File… Upgrade… then Browse… to “nyc/cookbook/user” (or whatever), NYC says it is not the old version (but it is).  Any ideas? 


When you use File... Upgrade... , NYC expects you to tell it the main folder where your previous version was installed.  NYC will then find your official user folder (based on what is displayed in Tools... Options... User Folder...) and will bring over/upgrade files from that user folder (and no other). 


Thus, if you have your user files stored in a folder OTHER than the official user folder, then the upgrade process will not work on those files.  You might try simply importing those cookbooks into copies that are stored in your new version’s official user folder.


When I installed NYC v5.45 and ran File… Upgrade… the suggested path to upgrade from was given as C:\Cook Books\Nyc545, not C:\Cook Books\Nyc544.  It always does this – why?


NYC sets the default to the new folder if it cannot find your previous one -- thus, NYC is not finding your old one.  Here is why.  NYC only looks in first level folders under your root directory and first level folders in your \Program Files directory (on all drives, including network drives).   Thus, in your case, NYC is not finding your old version because it doesn't look under secondary folders.   Install NYC under the root directory or under Program Files and it will find it when you upgrade. 

I downloaded the latest NYC 5.xx and tried to upgrade from my previous version.  NYC asks for my previous version but it's confused because it thinks I want to put the old and new in the same spot.  Can you help?

You should install new versions of NYC into their default folder, which is a new folder each time.  Then run the new version and use File... Upgrade... to bring over/upgrade user files from your previous version.  You must dbl-click in the directory listbox until your previous NYC folder appears in the blue textbox.  When that blue box shows your previous installation, you are ready proceed with the upgrade (press Proceed).

After a few weeks when you are satisfied that you have all your files from your previous installation, you can uninstall the previous version by dbl-clicking the file "unwise.exe"  in your

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