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How long after download do you have to register?  What happens to the software if one doesn't register?


The software will shut itself off 60 days after your 5th use if no registration code has been entered.  Certain features will start shutting down after 30 days.  NYC will start warning you daily that you have “x” days left at 30 days.  You can register anytime, even after the software shuts off.  If your copy shuts down, you won’t lose any recipes you have entered, but you won’t be able to access them until you register.


My name has changed.  Can I get a registration code that displays my new name?


Yes.  Make your request to, and provide your old name, new name, your registration number (not your reg code), and a brief explanation for the change.


Will an NYC Express reg code work with NYC?  Will an NYC reg code work with NYC Express?


No.  NYC and NYC Express are two distinct programs that require different registration codes (one must be purchased for each).  NYC is the full cooking software that we maintain diligently, while NYC Express is a skeletal rendition that no longer offer, support, or maintain.  There have been literally dozens of new NYC versions, but only one new NYC Express version.  You can see details of the differences on our product comparison site.


Does “free upgrades” mean free upgrades for life?


Yes, free upgrades means as long as you want to use NYC, you can download and install the latest version from our website and your registration is valid for them.   Sometime we change the reg code algorithm, so if your lifetime reg code quits working, you can contact us for a new one.  Even if we went out of business (definitely not on the horizon for us), there are other websites that would have the latest install file up to that point, and your reg code would work with them.  The only issue would be if we were to be bought out by another company who wanted to take NYC in another direction and terminate the free upgrades offer.


Even if you don’t purchase the free upgrades option at time of purchase, your version-only reg code will work for future versions until the version number changes in the tenths place, i.e., a v5.5x reg code will work with v5.50, v5.51, etc up through v5.59, but not with v5.60.  At that point you still have an option to get free upgrades by ordering product #3192 (Upgrade to NYC Registration with Free Upgrades - for registered users only).


I am a new NYC user and I would like to order product #3192 (Upgrade to NYC, Reg Code with Free Upgrades) for $18.  Is that okay?


No, product #3192 is only for registered users of a previous version of NYC or NYC Express.  It won't help you if you are a first time NYC registrant.


I'm not clear which registration option I should order.  Can you help?


Most folks get:

--product #3673 (Reg Code with Free Upgrades - $30)    OR

--product #3676 (Reg Code, CD, Manual, Free Upgrades - $41).


I don’t see a registration option for CD, reg code, and upgrades.  I don't want the manual as I'm sure the Help file would tell me what or how to do what I want to do.


Most folks get:

--product #3673 (Reg Code with Free Upgrades - $30)    OR

--product #3676 (Reg Code, CD, Manual, Free Upgrades - $41).


I suggest the latter if you really want the CD.  You can order just the reg code (product #3673), then later request just a CD by sending us a $10 check for the CD.  But you would pay about the same and save time by getting #3676 in one order placement, plus you get the manual.  The manual has many tips, hints, and suggestions that are not in the Help file.  The Help file covers just the how-to on NYC features.


I am a registered user and want to upgrade to a new version but my internet access is slow for downloads.  How can I order just the CD for a new version?


We have no online mechanism for ordering just a CD, but if you reside in the U.S., send us a $10 check made out to Loginetics, Inc. and mail it to the address below along with your request for the latest version on CD and we will send you one:


Gary Hauser

Loginetics, Inc.

P. O. Box 18274

Knoxville, TN  37928


I am already a registered user. I downloaded the latest version of NYC and installed it. How do I make it show me as a registered user?

From NYC, select File... Upgrade... and provide the path to your previous NYC directory, make sure the proper boxes are checked on the right (including the registration key box) and press Proceed.

The registration part of the Upgrade will not work for upgrades from v4 to v5, because we changed the reg code algorithm.  You must request an upgraded reg code (free to registered users) from in this case.

You can always simply enter your registration password and code into the new version (Help...Register...Reg Code button). Your registration password and code are shown on the email that we sent you and on the receipt we shipped with your package.

Can I register over the internet?

Yes, access our secure on-line order service here (credit cards only).  

I want to order NYC from a country outside the U.S., but I do not want to use my credit card online.  What should I do?

You have 2 options:
 1. You can fax credit card orders (24 hrs) to NorthStar at 1-785-539-3743.
 2. You can send an international money order (or check drawn on U.S. bank) in US dollars by direct mail, using the registration form that is printable from within NYC (Help... Register...) or print and use this form.

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Last Updated:  12/2/2013

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